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We sell a wide variety of sheaths from all the major brands, including Durex, Ansell, Four Seasons and Glyde, as well as a range of toys that are sure to please. Many people feel uncomfortable buying contraceptive devices in local shops, which is why we decided to make our products available online. You can browse our selection at your leisure, place an order at any time of day or night and look forward to receiving your discreetly packaged consignment within 3 days in most cases.

We delivery to all areas of the country and we also accept international orders so no matter where you happen to be, you can take advantage of our competitive prices on a great range of products. Whether ordering over the Internet or buying in a local shop, it is important to make sure that you get the right size, so we encourage our customers to check a size chart before placing an order. For condoms Australia boasts many retail outlets but our Internet store offers men and women the chance to buy fleshlights and lubricants, as well as latex sheaths, in complete privacy. Whilst there is absolutely no reason why people should feel embarrassed when buying sex toys and contraceptives, the fact of the matter is that many do. We believe that everybody should be able to shop for such products without putting themselves in a position where they feel awkward and are constantly adding to our extensive range to ensure this is the case.

Something for everybody

Whether you are a male looking for a bulk pack of sheaths that will last for a couple of weeks on a romantic holiday or a female who would like to try the Femidom, we can help. A small proportion of the male population are allergic to the emulsion that is used by manufacturers in the production of many sheaths that can be found for sale today but by buying latex free condoms, this problem can be avoided.

We have a great selection of these so if you suffer from such an allergy there is no need to go elsewhere to satisfy your contraceptive needs. Because we operate online, we are able to avoid many of the overheads associated with running a traditional retail business and pass on the savings we make to our customers in the form of lower prices. We do of course have to levy a shipping charge but this is kept to a minimum and we will be introducing a new rate for small orders in the near future to help clients who only wish to buy a few items at a time. If you are looking for good quality sheaths and exciting toys for the bedroom, we invite you to browse our range and use our simple online shopping cart facility to select those items that you would like to buy. Men and women that demand the very best products at cheap prices are sure to find much of interest in our online condom shop.

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Ansell Lifestyles Nano Thin Condoms
Ansell Lifestyles Nano Thin Condoms 
Ansell Lifestyles Nano Thin Condoms Ansell Nano T...
 RRP: $13.00
 Our Price:  $10.95
 You Save: $2.05(16%)
Wet Light Liquid Personal Lubricants (4.8oz / 136g)
Wet Light Liquid Personal Lubricants (4.8oz / 136g) 
Pure Water Based Clean and Non-Staining Thinne...
 Our Price:  $12.95
Wet Light Liquid Personal Lubricants (18.7oz / 530g)
Wet Light Liquid Personal Lubricants (18.7oz / 530g) 
Pure Water Based Clean and Non-Staining Thinne...
 Our Price:  $34.95
Nuru Gel Premium Massage Gel (Standard)
 Nuru Gel Premium Massage Gel (Standard) Nuru Gel Standard is the original and best selling...
 Our Price: $4.99
Oil of Love - Original
 Oil of Love - Original Oil of Love - The Original 100mL A delicate blend...
 RRP: $24.15
 Our Price: $18.95
 You Save: $5.19(22%)
Bzzz Buddies Personal Massager - Shivers
 Bzzz Buddies Personal Massager - Shivers Bzzz Buddies Personal Massager - Shivers "Brrrrrr...
 RRP: $54.95
 Our Price: $32.95
 You Save: $22.00(40%)

Bulk & Loose Pack Condoms

If you're a regular condom user you may make even more savings by buying condoms in bulk. Our bulk condom packages are available in packs of up to 144. You can order as much as you like – the maximum you will pay for postage is $7.90 for standard delivery and $13.20 for Express.

Non-latex Condoms

If you prefer non-latex for allergy reasons or just personal preference then you're in luck! We stock a range of latex-free condoms from the major condom brands all at the cheapest possible prices.


Condoms Assorted Packs

This is an excellent way to find the ideal condoms for you and that is to test out all the different brands. Condoms Australia Samples features the best and most popular condoms for your testing pleasure. New to Condoms Australia are the Tighter Condoms Assorted Packs and Larger Condoms Assorted Packs. Test it out today